The Mental Fitness Planner is a 13-week productivity planner that helps you feel better and do better by encouraging you to do two things:

1) Brain Training - Set lofty, long-term goals, and break those goals into manageable chunks that can be accomplished a day, a week, or a month at a time.

2) Brain Recovery - Prioritize self-care and build good habits in the 8 dimensions of health.

Mental Fitness = Brain Training + Brain Recovery

This planner is all about assisting you to retrain your brain. We strive to help you to build better habits, be more accountable, focus on priorities, and to live a more fulfilling life (whatever that means to you). It is also a guide to making self-care a daily, and lifelong, practice. Humans need recovery time after we exercise our bodies. The same goes for our mind. Our brains need recovery time from the stimuli of the day. When we neglect either aspect of our mental fitness things like stress, anxiety, depression, burnout and overwhelm can get out of control. This planner encourages you to practice both sides of mental fitness.

Do Better and Feel Better

Traditional planners treat humans like robots who do nothing but aim for 100% efficiency and productivity. The Mental Fitness Planner prioritizes self-care by utilizing the 8 Dimensions of Health and helps you incorporate them into your daily routine. We don't just tell you "Hey, start taking better care of yourself"; we provide concrete actions and resources you can use. For example, the “Internal Foundations” planner includes 30-day yoga & mindfulness programs created by experts.

Clear Goals

Design meaningful goals and use the planner’s prioritization framework to create tasks that move you closer to achievement.

Less Overwhelm

Other planners have you create long to-do lists that feel impossible to achieve. We help you start small and narrow your list for less overwhelm and more achievement.

Guaranteed Progress

Follow the planner’s planning and prioritization system to guarantee progress on your goals and self-care habits, even when life gets busy. The planner includes 3 assessments throughout your 13-week journey to track progress and course correct as needed.

Easy to Use

Built with an easy-to-follow format that minimizes back-and-forth page turning. There are 4 Mental Fitness Planners, each building on the momentum of the previous, so there is a solution for everyone!

Read through the questions below. If you answer "YES" to any of them, you might just benefit from using The Mental Fitness Planner!

1) Is your work/life balance not exactly "balanced"?

2) Do you feel like you're struggling to manage your stress and/or anxiety?

3) Are you a goal-oriented person?

4) Does your life feel a little too disorganized?

5) Do you feel like there are never enough hours in the day?

6) Do you suffer from "analysis paralysis"? (that overwhelmed, overthinking that keeps you running in circles and unable to get things accomplished)

We understand that our planners seem like an investment for a three-month planner, but the gains in mental health and productivity you’ll see will more than justify the cost.

Think about it this way: If it cost you $4/week to feel less stressed, more relaxed, and generally happier, would you pay it?

What’s more? We don't just tell you to practice self-care, we also provide you with concrete, and vetted, resources from yoga practices, to mindfulness exercises, and more. All at no extra cost!

We strive to make the relationships with our customers more than transactional; we want to provide a wealth of support and resources so you're not alone on your journey!

We deliberately chose this 13-week time-frame – one quarter of a year. Planning in 13-week increments is far more manageable than trying to plot out 6 months or a whole year. Shorter than 13 weeks isn’t enough time to accomplish big goals; longer than that begins to feel overwhelming.

Because the Mental Fitness Planner is undated, we've separated the Monthly, Weekly and Daily sections. We’d like to have the weekly review every seven days, but, in reality, you might miss a day or two during the week. By separating the sections, there's no pressure when you miss a day and no guilt about losing pages. We optimized the design to give you the most from your investment.

First, this covers an entire year. Second, each planner tackles a section of the 8 dimensions of health. We strive to help you start small and build momentum as you go. The first 3 planners focus on building good foundations in your self-care and productivity toolkits. The last planner, called "UPKEEP" is the culmination of everything you've built to that point. "UPKEEP" is a planner that can be used as a quarterly planner for as long as you like.

4 INTERNAL DIMENSIONS (within yourself)

1) PHYSICAL - Your body. Includes your physical health habits, nutrition, and exercise.

2) SPIRITUAL - Your values and beliefs. Finding and developing a set of values that help you seek meaning and purpose.

3) INTELLECTUAL - Your brain. Maintaining curiosity and expanding your knowledge and skills.

4) MENTAL - Your thoughts and emotions. Understanding and managing your feelings, values, and attitudes.


4 EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS (outside of yourself)

1) SOCIAL - Your relationships. Developing and maintaining relationships with friends, family, and the community.

2) FINANCIAL - Your money. Managing your resources to live within your means and understanding your financial values, needs, and circumstances.

3) ENVIRONMENTAL - Your surroundings. Your interaction with, and understanding of, nature and your personal environment.

4) OCCUPATIONAL - Your job/career/hobbies. Participation in activities that provide personal satisfaction & fulfillment and reflect your values, interests, and beliefs.

Accountability page

Goal Brainstorming and Goal-Setting Section

Self-Care Roadmap

84 Daily Pages

12 Week Plan pages

12 Week Review Pages

3 Month Calendars

1 Quarter review

Next Steps

Information on how to access all of our online resources is located on the first page of your planner. Follow the link located on page one to access awesome resources that will help you build the life you were meant to live.

The Mental Fitness Planer was designed with great attention to detail so our customers can get the most possible benefit out of them. We even included 3 self-assessments throughout your 13-week journey to track your progress.

With that said, we recognized that it's not for everyone. Because of this, if you are not seeing progress, we have a 60-Day 110% Money-Back Guarantee. Limit one product refund per customer. We are so confident in our products that we are willing to give you more than your money back if you aren't satisfied!

If you don't like your planner, reach out to our support team at support@feelbetterplanner.com and we’ll take care of you.

The Mental Fitness Planner is designed with love in Rochester, MN and manufactured with care in both Hong Kong and Chanhassen, MN.

Yes! If you are looking to make a larger order, please contact us at support@feelbetterplanner.com for discounted pricing.

Currently, no. Amazon charges fees to list on their website. Since we don't have those fees for selling on our website, we pass the savings on to you.

If you've ever been lucky enough to get a massage, you are probably familiar with the relaxed, clear-minded feeling you have right after. We think that should be a daily feeling, not just reserved for special occasions. That feeling is what we aim for with our planners.

We like to think that's pretty awesome!