The Quarterlife Crisis: Real or Made-Up [Let the Truth Be Told]

Have you ever taken a moment to stop and think about where your life is truly going?

Of course you have! Everyone thinks about this concept probably more often than they should because we all want to feel like we’re doing something that has a purpose. No one wants to stay at a dead end job forever. That’s why many people make various shifts throughout their career.

Individuals are willing to stay in a situation while they feel like their hard work is manifesting into something greater. When that feeling dissipates, so does their will to continue on that path. Let’s move on to the real question here.

Which age group thinks about this the most?

The term “quarter-life crisis” has been coined in the world of psychology to represent a certain group of people who may feel the pressure of life on their shoulders a bit more than the Average Joe.

Keep reading to figure out if you fall into this category of critical thinkers!


What Is the Quarterlife Crisis?

This really comes into effect when you get into your 20s and 30s. That stage of life, for many people, proves to be the spark for an enormous amount of anxiety and depression. Once you’re out of college, or maybe still in it, there are many situations that emerge which cause a great deal of uncertainty to also arise.

For example, being a freshman in college is a large life transition that can be extremely stressful for most people. If you’ve already graduated from college, maybe you’re trying to find a job to financially support yourself and you’re not seeming to find any luck within the sector you spent four years studying about in college.

Finally, say you’ve been at the same job for a few years, but the level of fulfillment you feel is continuing to decrease. How stressful would it be to feel as though you wasted those years on a job that isn’t allowing you to truly do what you love?

All of these scenarios are constantly being faced by young people in their 20s and 30s. If this sounds like you, you deserve to understand the signs that may be leading you towards taking new steps that will help you prioritize your mental health over everything else!


How To Notice the Signs

As with everything, there are always signs you can pick up on before you really hit rock bottom. Take a moment to browse through the list below to see if any of these resonate with you.

Are you:

  • Finding new excuses to stay isolated from the people you love
  • Staying at a job that doesn’t make you happy or support your personal growth
  • Fostering unhealthy relationships in your life that are taking more energy than they give


If you feel like any of these resonate with you, don’t wait another moment to start your mental health journey. You’ll be thanking yourself later when you realize the time you scheduled for personal growth in your daily self-care planner, allowed you to become everything you hoped for in life!


Build Your Support Posse

You are currently surrounded by so many people who are excited to see you succeed and want to be a consistent part of your life. When you’re really going through a difficult time, make sure you lean on your friends and family to continue those personable connections that will warm your heart every time.

Sometimes, just the ability to sit down and talk to someone who is willing to listen is enough to set you on a completely different path. Some other helpful tricks include:

  • Talking with a professional counselor you trust who will validate your feelings
  • Writing in your self-care planner everyday to see consistent mental health improvement
  • Learning new activities that help you find purpose in the work you bring to the world


A small rough patch in your life doesn’t define the amazing light you bring to others!


The Next Steps: You Can Fight the Urge

Especially during times when you feel like everything is going wrong, you may feel as though its much easier to get down on yourself. These are the easiest times to start thinking about every decision you made in your life that led you to this point and how you wish you could take it all back.

This is an extremely unhealthy way to think about your life because every experience you’ve had up to this point has contributed to your ability to grow as an individual. Your life story is unique, and you do have a purpose that no one else can fulfill. It’s okay if you’re having trouble seeing that right now because there are plenty of resources you can use to shift your mindset.

The mental fitness planner has everything you need to ensure the current path you’re on is exactly where you want to be. Taking time to write in your planner on a daily basis will help you mentally think about and visually see all the goals you have for the wonderful life you’re yet to lead!


Does Unrecognized Mean Unreal?

Most people have heard the term “mid-life crisis” many times throughout their lifetime. Just because the quarterlife crisis isn’t quite as recognized, that doesn’t mean it isn’t very real for a large group of people currently experiencing the burdening effects of trying to determine their purpose.

If you’re currently feeling this way and are in need of a redirect, consider getting yourself a mental fitness planner. Your mindset is where all these questions stem from so if you’re able to foster a consistently positive mental state, you can successfully combat the feelings of doubt that try to rush into your mind as you carve your own path.

Choose today as a starting point for your new mental health journey and get your fitness planner right now!